Our Story

We tried everything from law enforcement bug-out-bags, to carpentry tool bags, to paramedic response and military bags - no matter what gear we tested, the products we needed to do the job simply didn't exist.

Through this exhaustive research MyGoGear was born.

Every movie we crewed taught us more. Improvements to our collection were made and features were added until we finally had our own series of purpose-built, quality-constructed products.

As film pros, we're dedicated to being ready for anything. Our kits are expected to be 'dialed-in' and efficient.

MyGoGear caters to this spirit.

MyGoGear continues to innovate our collection, earning us the loyalty and trust of film professionals worldwide. We are listening. Your ideas and feedback help us continue to build mission-specific, high-quality products to keep you on-point for every job.

Contain the chaos.